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Friday, March 20, 2009

East Coast, Spring, 2008

Massachusetts and New York, March of 2008.

These are some pictures of things in the bed and breakfast I stayed at, in a cute little town in Massachusetts.

I visited my friend at Yale, and he took me on a tour of the grounds. This cemetery was nearby.

Inside one of the theaters at Yale.


Here are some pictures of New York.

From the Natural History Museum, where they had a butterfly exhibit.

A boy looking at the butterflies.

The view from the apartment where we were staying.

Random lamps in the apartment (it was stuck in the 1970s).

The silverware at a very dimly lit vegetarian restaurant.

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Parsec said...

Holy heckaroni pizza! All of these pictures are mind-blowing. My favorites are the one of the butterfly, the gravestone, and the light shining down through the windows onto the floor. :D